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ANDRELIS-RYE will exhibit with Sandra Higgins Fine Art

January 27, 2011


will exhibit with Sandra Higgins Fine Art at

Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, London, February 3-6

“Looking at the Signs series, their notes are fluttering away. No surprise they logically transformed themselves into the Floating Worlds. Dripping on paper from an inner realm, as if the beauty of the world, its strangeness, its fantasy, had been assimilated and released again with spirits and humour.”

excerpt from Andrélis-Rye, by Beatrice Commengé, writer, 2010

photo©Andrélis-Rye, ADAGP, Paris 2011

CHARLES RAMSBURG to exhibit with Sandra Higgins Fine Art

January 25, 2011

I am very pleased to be able to show the work of New York artist Charles Ramsburg in LOndon!

At the Watercolour and works on paper fair

Charles Ramsburg began his art career in 1969 as a MFA student at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has gone on to show in numerous galleries and museums both in the United States and Europe. Selected venues are: Elaine Horwitch Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; Cline LewAllen Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM; Musenhof Poppendorf, Rostock, Germany, Kiscelli Museum, Budapest, Hungary; The Culture Project, New York City; Allene Lapides Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM; Skirball Museum, Los Angeles; Chicago Art Expo; Miami Art Expo; The Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA; Shidoni Gallery, Tesuque, NM; Atea Ring Gallery, Westport, NY; mdh fine arts, New York City; Locco Ritoro Gallery, Boston, MA.

Selected collections include: Turchin Center for the Arts, Boone, NC; Kiscelli Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary; Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM; The Skirball Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Museum of Poppendorf, Rostock, Germany.

'Ice Pack'

Charlie will exhibit graphite drawings  from his book, “Still Points”.


‘My interest in the complexities of dimension probably stems from being born blind in one eye. Spatial contradictions have always puzzled me. Living in the big sky country of the Southwest for many years presented one set of problems. Walking the woods near a cabin we built up in the Adirondacks has presented totally different visual experiences. This series of drawings is about these walks in the dense woods and the profound stillness I find there. It is accessible and reassuring, yet spatially confusing. My drawings try to catch that mysterious monocular solace.’


Click above to view the book “Still Points”

I hope you will be able to join us.

ELIZABETH ZESCHIN will show photographs from the series ‘FROM MY GARDEN’ with Sandra Higgins Fine Art

January 25, 2011

‘From my Garden’….this is Ellie

Ellie Swain

Elizabeth Zeschin

Elizabeth was born in Los Angeles and raised in Northern Oregon, she studied theatre in Boston and Chicago before embarking upon her photographic career in New York City.

The still lifes shown in the exhibition ‘From my Garden’ take inspiration from Dutch 17th Century Still life painting, drawing the eye in close to see images that we might normally shy away from. Isolating her subjects in both natural and studio environments Zeschin provides a realistic rendering of the fragility and temporal nature of the life in her garden. The change in scale and detail attracts the viewer to examine the subject matter  in a different way. No longer is decay something to be brushed aside, now we are shown something of the life that once inhabited the creatures. The portrait “Ellie” inspired by the 19th Cent. Pre-raphaelites shows us a modern Ophelia drowned in her bluebell wood.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in London and New York. Her portraits have been included in the 2003 and 2005 Schweppes Awards, and the 2008 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize Shows at the National Portrait Gallery in London. She was included in The 2009 Summer Show at the Royal Academy of Art in London. She has been in both solo and group exhibitions at London’s Chelsea Arts Club . Elizabeth has been exhibited in two joint shows at the Arden and Anstruther Gallery in 2007 and 2009. She has received Merit Awards in the Association of Photographers Awards Show in London and is also included in many photographic collections, including ‘American Photography,’ ‘Eros,’ ‘Graphis Annual’ and the Association Awards Books (London.)





ANNE SMITH to exhibit a set of miniature works on paper with Sandra Higgins Fine Art

January 24, 2011

Anne Smith at work in her studio.



Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair


I am so pleased that Anne Smith will be exhibiting her wonderfully crafted miniature works on paper with me at the fair this year. I asked Anne to say a few words about her work which follow below.

Artists statement:

Aside from many years spent as a potter, some interests and influences that have touched this work are: Shaker gift drawings, Alfred Wallis, Ravillious and Bawden, Natural History illustrations, decorative arts archive pages, typography and Mughal miniatures, to name but a few.

These images are composed digitally using a diverse lexicon of painted and found elements gathered over may years.  Once printed I work into the piece further with finely painted gouache and occasionally add gold leaf and other materials.

With the “Miniatures” series. I am using this personal language to create rich, gem-like images that have emotional resonance and a sense of intimacy.

Orange Bird


White Birds

Above are examples of Anne’s miniatures. you can see more at the Fair, so do come along!

and see more at

DAVID FERRY to exhibit a series of montage pictures with Sandra Higgins at Watercolour and Works on Paper Art Fair, London

January 23, 2011




Statement by the Artist:

Montage 2007-2009

‘These relatively small-scale montage pictures (the biggest being roughly A1 in size and the smallest about A3) were begun at the Burren College of Art, Newton Castle, in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland, in August 2007, during my time as an artist in residence.
The pictures were finally completed in my own urban studio in England in June 2009, following a return to the rich Burren landscape in August of 2008.
The Burren is an area where wonderful visual alignments, and natural synergies mingle with human cross-references; there exists a complex grid plan, akin to any city environment.
None of the resulting pictures in the set, series of group are specifically titled or chronologically ordered; they simply represent a period of time.  A time in which former influence, new experience and the continued searching for the intrigues and complexities of a montage expression, have had a baring on the eventual outcomes.’

David Ferry

David Ferry is currently the Head of Printmaking at the Cardiff School of Art and Design.

CHELSEA in the 60’s, Photographs by ROMANO CAGNONI to be exhibited at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

January 23, 2011

Mary Quant the fashion designer in her lab in Chelsea measuring the length of a mini skirt: Year 1965

Chelsea in the 60’s
Photographs by Romano Cagnoni

A portfolio of 12 silver paper hand made prints 30×40 cm
mounted on passpartous and placed in a special black box 40×50 cm.

Cagnoni left his native Tuscany for London in 1958, and began his photographic career by sending photographs of himself washing dishes in London’s rough cafes back to his peasant mother.

He remained in England for the next 30 years in which time he learned from Simon Guttman, whom some consider one of the founders of photojournalism. He has documented world events and published in many international magazine throughout his career.

Included in the portfolio are prints from 2009, in editions of 25. (some vintage prints are available as well as individual prints from the set) Images include Jane Birkin, Mary Quant, Kings Road, Chelsea Pensioners, Orson Welles at the Royal Court Theatre and others.

To be exhibited at the Watercolours + Works on Paper Fair 2011 by Sandra Higgins Fine Art, Stand D2

Patricia Poullain to exhibit at Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

January 22, 2011

Patricia Poullain  will exhibit with Sandra Higgins Fine Art. The artist Patricia Poullain, of irish/French nationality who now resides in Normandy, has worked for many years producing these exquisite acrylic hard-edge paintings as illustrated below.

A quote from the artist about her work :

‘A propos of explaining one’s art…

I can put into words my aims and methods.  For instance I am working on a flat, white plain.  I am not trying to deceive the eye, perhaps to tease it a little.  My own eye is certainly exercised a great deal as I stare at my canvas.  I am fascinated with the backward forward movement of colours, also their very pronounced reactions to each other.  Together with the use of the space and the balance of proportions, there is a whole world to work on.  I change and change again colours from more to less saturation or vice versa. I re-work the forms and their proportions.  Always bearing in mind that Matisse said ‘Plus c’est plat, plus
c’est beau’.  The more it is flat the more it is beautiful.  And we are not out to trick the eye into seeing an
illusion of depths or any kind of virtuoso.  An artist needs to set himself limitations and remain as personal
and identifiable as a signature.’
Patricia Poullain  2011

It is a real priviledge to exhibit Pat’s work and I do hope you will all come along to see it for yourself.

Best, Sandra

RICHARD WALKER to exhibit at Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

January 21, 2011

SANDRA HIGGINS FINE ART will be exhibiting the work of RICHARD WALKER at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, 3-6 Feb., Science Museum, London,
Stand D2, in collaboration with the Association of Women Art Dealers.
Illustrated is monoprint, ‘Dreambook #18′. For further information contact: and

Speaking about his work Richard says:

Over the last few months I have been working on a series of
monoprints in my studio…
a return to a very basic process, as a conscious reaction to my
images becoming increasingly
computer-generated. I have used collage also in a fairly crude form,
in a way that takes me
back to my college days. There are examples of 2 sets of prints
represented here: the ‘Dreambook’
series based on reworking the pages of a novel…a continuation of
what Tom Philips did with ‘A Humument’
and ‘Lush Life’ a series based on ‘french curves’ and using the
flowing forms of ‘The Fontainebleau’
hotel in Miami Beach.

Richard Walker 2011

Janet Stayton exhibits at Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

January 20, 2011

SANDRA HIGGINS FINE ART will be exhibiting the work of 

'Red Statue'

JANET STAYTON at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, Feb. 3-6, Science Museum, London, Stand D2, in collaboration with the Association of Women Art Dealers.
For further information contact
Illustrated above is ‘Red Statue’.

Statement from the artist:

New Works on Paper 2010 – 2011
My works illustrate fragments from life – numbers, words, phrases and idyllic vignettes from nature. Paintings within paintings – frames within frames, classical references as to architecture and arcadian views updated – all encased in contemporary visual language. Each image may represent a word, each word an image, the whole explicates the parts thereof. I may be inspired by something I see, or read, or by an idea. It may be a visual idea or schema or it may be a color or image. Sometimes I feel a color shining behind my eyes ready to illuminate a painting – providing a stimulus to enter the work. I may be inspired by a subway wall painting ot a great masterpiece in a museum – artists inspect and assimilate the art of others – a kind of passive robbery…no work is new…under the sun…
I work with mixed media – watercolor, pastels, colored pencils, pen and ink- my works on paper. I make multi-imaged works – could be 10 to 15 vignettes in each work, held together by the idea of the whole of the work. I stop the painting at the moment the painting breathes for itself. At this point the artist must just step back and trust the painting.
Janet Stayton Pietrasanta, Italy


Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

January 18, 2011


will be exhibiting mixed media, collage, and photography at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, London, February 3-6, 2011, Stand D2.


Fair infomation


Artists shown include:

Andrelis-Rye, David Ferry, Romano Cagnoni, Patricia Poullain, Charles Ramsburg, Richard Walker, Janet Stayton, Anne Smith and Elizabeth Zeschin.