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Patricia Poullain’s interview in Paris

January 31, 2012

In preparation for Patricia Poullain’s April show in Monmartre Paris, which will be held at the Grace Teshima Gallery. Terrance Gelenter who is a brilliant presenter, writer and singer who also conducts cultural tours of Paris interviewed Patricia on the 30th of January. The video will be ready for distribution soon. For more information please contact:

Sandra Higgins:

Patricia Poullain:

Terrance Gelenter:



Barrie Cook’s Retrospective Exhibition Announced

January 31, 2012

Sandra is pleased to announce that she will be having a Retrospective Exhibition for Barrie Cook.

Joe Hesketh’s new studio

January 24, 2012

A photo of Sandra Higgins’ preliminary visit to Joe Hesketh’s new studio near Preston, developing plans for an up and coming show in London to be announced soon.