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Joe Hesketh Private Reception

March 19, 2012

Joe Hesketh Private Reception

Photo taken at the recent Private Reception for Joe Hesketh at Sandra Higgins Art Salon. The show is open to viewing by appointment until the 29th of April. If you would like to make an appointment or would like to be invited to future events please see and send a message through the contact form about the type of art which is of interest to you.

Joe Hesketh and Sandra Higgins interview with Jenny Runacrre

March 6, 2012

Joe Hesketh and Sandra Higgins interview with Jenny Runacrre

Please Click the Link above to listen.

Listen to Art Curator Sandra Higgins talk about the Show she is curating of the work of the fascinating Lancashire painter Joe Hesketh – Joe has been painting exciting paintings connected with the notorious Pendle Witches – and this is her strong and visual perception of them. A fascinating account of a fascinating Exhibition.

BANG 2012 (122x124CM) By Joe Hesketh

March 5, 2012

A Picture relating to the anger felt when the female body is objectified by men in terms of an article of exploitation and pleasure as opposed to being accepted equally as a human being. The classic pose so reminiscent of Henry Moore, is violently disturbed by the inclusion of a rifle placed between the legs of the woman. ’Bang’ is not the reaction to an event but a precursor to what might happen. The gun has not been fired but it is cocked in anticipation, a bitter response of a young woman to living in a male dominated, chauvinistic society.