Carlos Comes To London

November 28, 2014

Carlos Jacanamijoy a dynamic painter, humanitarian and philosopher, will be making his a highly-anticipated visit to London. Arriving tonight, this distinguished Colombian artist will be preparing for his upcoming show in my private gallery, opening December 4th and running through until January 16th.

This is Carlos Jacanamijoy in his native dress worn by members of his Inga tribe in Santiago, Putumayo.


Carlos in his two roles “sus dos mundos”:IMG_1460Carlos and I are currently collaborating closely on a number of projects besides the exhibition at my home which include a screening of his autobiographical documentary at the Colombian Consulate on the 4th December. Carlos possesses a deep cultural consciousness which is transmitted to his audience though his moving documentary. This is an authentic piece of cinema, filmed, produced, scored and narrated entirely by Carlos. Our invitation:

I am also producing a separate documentary, entitled “Art and Alchemy: The Voice Of Jacanamijoy”, filmed by Lorena Cervera and produced by Sandra Higgins Fine Art. This is our first foray into film production! We are currently raising funds via Kickstarter so for those who would like to know more about this project and the amazing life of Carlos, please view our Kickstarter page with its attendant teaser trailer.

Here is a a brilliant still from footage shot in the artist’s studio in Bogota. This work will be on display at the show in my gallery space at home.

Photo: Lorena Cervera. the pictured work, “Nido y Follaje” (Nest and Foliage)

Photo: Lorena Cervera. the pictured work, "Nido y Follaje" (Nest and Foliage) will be on display in my gallery space on the 3rd of December

Photo: Lorena Cervera. the pictured work, “Nido y Follaje” (Nest and Foliage) will be on display in my gallery space on the 3rd of Decembe

But the highlight of his visit will of course be the exhibition at my gallery space. It is your chance to see one of the most astonishing examples of contemporary Colombian art produced by an indigenous artist. Jacanamijoy uses an abstract language to express the voice of his people through the visual language (the iconography of his works) which combine the flora and fauna of his native land in south-western Colombia. This is achieved by the use of symbolism and motif in the work and the work is needly to say visually extraordinary.


Semillas innombradas, oil on canvas, 75.5 x 103 cm, 2014

So we urge you all to come to one of Carlos’ events, and for those of you who are interested to get in touch if you haven’t already. Carlos will only be in London one week and it’s an amazing chance to become involved in something which, over the last two and a half years, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my work as an art advisor and curator.


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