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Preview of Chelsea and Kensington Magazine Article

December 12, 2014

Featured in the Chelsea and Kensington Magazine is a Q&A interview which I gave about the Colombian artist Carlos Jacanamijoy whom I represent in London. His work is currently on display in my gallery in Chelsea until the 16th of January, viewing by appointment.  I am also excited to announce that I will be traveling to Cartagena on the 10th of January as a guest speaker at Art/Cartagena Art Fair where I will be giving a talk titled ‘Contemporary Colombian Art and Artists in London’.


Carlos Jacanamijoy Events in London

December 5, 2014

Carlos Jacanamijoy’s visit to London has been a a huge success! On Wednesday we opened his exhibition ‘Recent Works’ with a private view for many distinguished guests. The work, recently sent to London from ‘Jaca’s’ studio in Bogota, was well received and the collective appreciation of his paintings was humbling. Carlos was at ease amongst his work and talked excitedly of how much he felt at home in Chelsea.

Left to right: Sandra Higgins, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Lorena Cervera, Phillipa Adams at the private view


During this visit to London, Carlos also held a screening of his autobiographical documentary ‘Jacanamijoy: a reflection on racism’ at the Colombian Consulate. The event was a triumph, attracting a group of people not only fascinated by Carlos and his work, but interested in the problems indigenous people of Colombia face. The event was attended by Nestor Orsorio, the Colombian Ambassador in London who has sympathetic views on the subject and sincere admiration for Carlos.

Carlos Jacanamijoy with the Colombian Ambassador, Nestor Orsorio, at the Colombian Consulate


‘Jaca’ is an extremely talented man and one who wishes to inspire indigenous Colombian artists like himself. To motivate talented young people in Colombia in the hope another ‘maestro’ will be discovered, We are launching a scholarship program in cooperation with Carlos to support a documentary I am producing about his work. To find out more about ‘Alchemy in Art: The Voice of Jacanamijoy’ please follow the link below. A video of Carlos, filmed this week, will be released soon explaining more about the scholarship program. The Colombian Ambassador is fully supportive of this project and sees the benefits it will have on the indigenous Colombian community.

We have launched a Kickstarter program in order to fund the scholarship, in conjunction with the film, so please donate what you can via the link below. Any contribution will be hugely appreciated by Carlos and myself and will have a lasting effect by providing inspiration and experience for a deserving young aspiring artist.