Cartagena 2015

April 6, 2015

Cartagena view - IMG_3947  Cartagena view - IMG_3952

It’s been a long time!

As you know I’ve been traveling extensively in Colombia. Most recently I was invited to speak in Art Cartagena about ‘Contemporary Colombian Art and Artists in London’. 

You can see my presentation here.

This was the second year of ART / Cartagena – Art Fair Colombian Caribbean, directed by Andrea Walker. It was an amazing experience. For four days, amid the cultural atmosphere that surrounds Cartagena, 25 art galleries from the United States, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru and, of course, Colombia, exhibited important works of modern and contemporary art. They were gathered in this new concept of exhibiting in the splendid hotels of Bóvedas de Santa Clara and Casa Pestagua. Furthermore, it coincided with the Music Festival, so the city was buzzing.

Andrea Walker - Ximena - IMG_2116

From left to right: Ximena, me and Andrea Walker

The Exhibition “Caribe Conceptual” was curated by Santiago Rueda and Celia Sredni de Birbragher. “Caribe Conceptual” showed contemporary art that explores the imaginary and ideas about and from the Caribbean, including artists from different generations, most of them based in the region, such as Ofelia Rodriguez, who I’ve known for many years and I represent in London, Álvaro Barrios, María Isabel Rueda, Rafael Ortiz and William Aparicio. Here, you can see some of Ofelia’s works:

OR - SH - IMG_2115

Ofelia Rodriguez

OR - IMG_4106    OR - IMG_3908 

 Ofelia Rodriguez                 Ofelia Rodriguez

In collaboration with TECHO, ART/Cartagena organized an auction to raise funds to enable the construction of emergency housing and community programs in slums of the city of Cartagena. Works were created by artists such as  Carlos Jacanamijoy and Maripaz Jaramillo, distinguished artists from Bogota whom I represent in London.  Others included :  Luis Fernando Peláez, Ricardo Cardenas, Angel Rojas, Miler Lagos, Beatriz Olano, Sair García, Antonio Caro, Carlos Salazar, Nadín Ospina, Llajtu Kindi, Mariana Varela, Juan José García, Rodrigo Echeverry, Máximo Flórez, James Franco and Paul Adarme.

Techo - IMG_3934        Techo - IMG_3936

Carlos Jacanamijoy                 Maripaz Jaramillo

        Techo - IMG_3941          Techo - IMG_3938

                  Ricardo Cardenas          Luis Fernando Peláez

As part of ART Cartagena the documentary “Short Stories” (“Cuentos cortos”) by Carlos Jacanamijoy was shown. It is an autobiographical visual piece that the artist produced on his mobile phone! It is a moving meditation on his personal experience of discrimination and a reflection on racism in Colombia. It is dedicated to all of the indigenous peoples of Colombia as an inspirational  message to overcome the obstacle and challenges they may face.

Carlos screening - IMG_3963

Carlos Jacanamijoy “Short stories” Q&A

We are thrilled that Carlos came to London in March and screened his documentary “Short Stories” at a charity event in collaboration with Caring for Colombia on the 5th of March.

I also had the chance to see the amazing performance of the Peruvian artist Carmen Reátegui “La Causa Limeña” (Lima’s cause), at the Hotel Casa Pestagua. The artist’s work is noted for its social content  which is reflected  in the  participation of large groups of ‘artists’ in these multidisciplinary works. With a pre-colombian origin, it was the staging of the preparation of one of the traditional dishes of the country. Several female artists created a gigantic tamale on a huge table covered with banana leaves while they repeated, in almost in a chorus, phrases alluding to peace and harmony. They embodied the  female role in society to bring order to the  chaos in communities.  At the end all the viewers and participants came together to  share the collectively this delicacy… ‘Lima’s cause’.

Hotel Chilean group - IMG_3926    Hotel Chilean group - IMG_3932

  “La Causa Limeña”     Hotel Casa Pestagua 

I am back to London now with new ideas to follow my promotion of Colombian art in London. Next week I will begin to expand my Discover Art Program to include Colombian artists living and working in London. Be sure to check in for my weekly post.

If you are interesting in more information about Carlos, contact me on my email or through twitter and Facebook:

Candaleria - IMG_3970

Candelaria, Bogota sunset

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