Art Salon Chelsea

Sandra Higgins’ Chelsea apartment is a platform for collectors and artists to meet in a relaxed salon environment. Attracting like-minded people, the space in which varying exhibitions are held is a catalyst for relationships to flourish.

‘The salon is in a way the antithesis to the modern gallery space…I didn’t like the idea of people coming along to a gallery opening and not being interested in the art – it was just a party. The atmosphere that I wanted to cultivate was a more intimate one… the whole idea is that an interested group of people come together. My ultimate focus is to offer support for the artists that I show, by introducing them to a highly respected network of art enthusiasts. On the other side of it, it allows art buyers to connect with the artist in a salon environment rather than the sometimes clinical setting of a gallery.’

The warmth created by Sandra’s space is welcoming and encourages guests to participate in an intimate viewing of the artwork.